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Engineered Life Safety Systems (ELSS)



  • Fire Code Issues

  • Expert Life Safety Analysis

  • Contractor choices

  • Budgeting needs

We at FFPA are a team of Associates consisting of professionals with licenses and certifications in several areas such as National Certification in Engineering Technologies for Fire Alarm (NICET Level IV), State of Florida Electrical Contractor, Certified Fire Plan Reviewer, Nationally Recognized Testing Laboratories for Fire Protection Certified, Registered Architects, Electrical Engineers, Fire Protection Engineer and Florida State Certified Fire Inspectors who are available to assist you at every phase of your fire and life safety project.

As Certified State of Florida Fire & Life Safety professionals for building construction, fire, and life safety analysis we seek to minimize costs saving you thousands, in part by providing effective advice and step by step guidance from project formulation through to local jurisdictional fire department final acceptance.

Why make a life-safety decision without involving an expert, an independent third-party that will answer your concerns and develop a strategy to satisfy code compliance.

We will ensure our clients with:

  • Life safety compliance within a firm budget

  • Precise application of building and fire codes

  • Review and analysis of fire code violations


The experts at FFPA offer solutions to complex code issues. As you put our staff’s knowledge and experience to the test you’ll find that FFPA has the expertise to formulate code compliant concepts and effective equivalency alternatives that serve as the perfect solution to your fire and life safety concerns.

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